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A gallery of our 2019 Sponsors and a bit of their history

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baobab beach resort and spa

Silver Sponsor 2019

The reigning 2019 Regatta Winners! We were thrilled to welcome Baobab Resort in January 2019 and loved their spirit and enthusiasm.

base titanium

Main Sponsor 2013 - 2019

Our most generous sponsor to date, with strong support on many areas of the event.


D.M, Tours & Safaris

Bronze Sponsor 2016 - 2019

Denis Moser and Co. have been a consistent friend and supporter in many ways. The D.M. Tours entered in the race 2013, 2016 2017 2018 and 2019.

four twenty south Beach cottages

Bronze Sponsor 2013 - 2019

Four Twenty South have been our most loyal and supportive sponsor to date. We are grateful to the vision and belief this sponsor has granted us.



Kinondo kwetu

Bronze Sponsor 2013-2019

Our first and most loyal supporter since before we officiated the event. We have cheered the Kinondo Kwetu boat for many a race and they are a favourite amongst the fishermen.


lantana galu beach

Bronze Sponsor 2019

We are so pleased to have Lantana join the event and Sponsor a boat in 2019. 


leisure lodge beach & Golf

Bronze Sponsor 2019

We welcomed the well known resort of Leisure Lodge this year and were pleased to see their boat doing well and racing to a near win. 

Swahili beach hotel

Bronze Sponsor 2016 -2019

A loyal supporter since 2016, Swahili beach resort has entered the race 3 times.

the ocean spa lodge

Sponsor 2016 and 2019

This beautiful resort in Msambweni came to support the event for a number of years and entered the race on a couple of occasions.

leopard beach resort and spa

Bronze Sponsor 2019

Thank you to Leopard beach resort and Spa for joining us in the regatta event this year 2019. 

south coast residents association

Bronze Sponsor 2012 - 2019

SCRA are the event organisers consultants and have provided endless support to this event.

the sands at nomads

Bronze Sponsor 2014 - 2019

One of our longest supporters and contributors to the event. We thank them for their support year after year.


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