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14. January 2020

Official Results 2020

Do you miss the race? Here are the results for the Diani Regatta 2020 – well done Baobab Beach Resort and Spa, The Kenyaways Kite Village and Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort!

1.  Baobab Beach Resort and Spa
2. The Kenyaways Kite Village
3. Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort

4. The South Coast Residents’ Association
5. D.M. Tours & Safaris
6. Diving the Crab
7. Base Titanium
8. Safina Cottages
9. Leopard Beach Resort & Spa
10. Pollmans Tours and Safaris Ltd

And sorry for those who didn’t make it to the final. We assure you that your participation has contributed much to the success of that colorful day and we hope to see you all again next year at the Diani Regatta!

In alphabetical order:
Almanara Luxury Resort
Amani Luxury Apartments
Fly Jambojet
Fly Safarilink
Four Twenty South
Kinondo Kwetu
Kristina Academy (Asante e.V.)
Mombasa Canvas Ltd
Swahili Beach
The Sands At Nomad 
The Sands at Chale Island

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